Don't Forget

To Sign up for TEXT Message Alerts

Updated Tuesday August 22, 2017 by Jon Lepel.

Don't forget that one of the cool ways that we can communicate is to send you a text message BUT we can't do that if you don't enable your phone and opt in for that service. Well how do you do that?? It's simple

Login to your account(Click Login) located at the top right corner of the webpage

Within your account, click "Account Settings" on the right under "Account Options."

Click "Mobile Phone Options"

Click Enable Text Messaging. You are then directed to the mobile phone settings.

Click on Enable Texting for each phone number you want to enable.  You are then prompted to do the following to activate your phone:

  1. Text NEW to 698326 (MYTEAM) using the phone you want to enable texting for
  2. A Confirmation Code will be sent to your phone
  3. Please enter the confirmation code in the text box in your account online.
  4. Once this is done you will be setup to receive text message for the phone number you just opted in. You MUST do this for all phone numbers you want to opt in.
  5. You should see a list of all valid phone numbers available to opt in when you click on the "Mobile Options" link in your account.

Sample of the Opt In Screen from within your account: